Losing weight over 40 is not that hard!

Real weight loss over 40

Yes, I’m over 40. I’m actually 43.

Here’s the down and dirty:

  • I stopped binge drinking.
  • I started only drinking coffee for breakfast.
  • I realized that skipping lunch is actually pretty easy.
  • I try not to gorge myself at dinner (I do screw this up occasionally).

Most common questions I get:

  • “Is it hard?” No.
  • “How to you not go crazy with hunger?” Once your body adjusts, you’re less and less hungry and it actually becomes sustainable and flexible over the long term.
  • “Did you lose muscle or strength?” No.

Here’s why I haven’t done this before now:

  • Just like everyone else, I believed most of the lies in the…

Flipping the 3 bullshit paradigms of weight loss

“But, I’ve heard I’ll lose muscle…” Bullshit. Time to ruck up!

The 3 paradigms of weight loss are driven by commercial gain, not effectiveness.

The 3 bullshit paradigms of weight loss are:

1. Losing weight is hard, but I have something to sell you that will make it easier.

2. You can “work out” your way to weight loss, if you do it “the right way”, of course.

3. If you build muscle, you’ll lose fat naturally.

These 3 paradigms should look familiar, because they are the themes in every modern-day fitness commercial. You can actually put the phrase “if you buy our…

Bad news, it turns out, digital infatuation will make you go blind

In a digital age of persistent stimulation your body’s natural defense is dulling your perception and blinding you to the real world.

In an experiment designed by psychologist B. F. Skinner, and later refined by James Olds and Peter Milner, rats were given the ability to directly stimulate pleasure centers in their brains. The rats became slaves to the small jolts of dopamine. The rats were effectively turned into zombies, blindly controlled by their very own physical desires.

Abraham Maslow discovered a pattern of satiation within the human psyche. He later developed this pattern into his, now famous, hierarchy of needs. …

A third world lesson in thuggery

As I looked at that cow, I realized I must’ve looked like a dog does when it’s confused and tilts its head to one side. I tried to continue to listen to the story of that cow’s hard life but I just couldn’t wrap my head around why it was so skinny. The newly promoted Gunny continued with the explanation.

He was briefing his new company commander, me, about why there was a sickly-looking cow wandering around Forward Operating Base Talibjan, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. This was my new newest assignment. I had just…

How anyone can learn technical skills

Junkyard Jiu-Jitsu — the art of learning technical skills

Adults are terrible learners. They don’t listen, they already have the answer, and they always have something better to do. I know this because I’m one of them.

When it comes to learning a technical skill such as programing, 3d modeling, or web development, adults face a huge brick wall called the barrier to entry. Although only mental, the barrier to entry for adults learning a new skill is brutal to break through.

The answer is to shortcut the learning process. Do, then learn. This is what I like to call the Junkyard Jiu-Jitsu…

There is a simple three step trick to re-focus your priorities and give yourself a renewed sense of direction. It was Abraham Maslow’s misunderstood genius that gave us this trick. In the endless pursuit of quelling personal demons, most psychological theories have captured my interest only for a few moments. One has stood the test of time; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You can use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to evaluate where your most basic needs are not being met and learn how to fix it right now. Meet your basic needs, feel awesome, succeed at life. Simple, right?

Setting goals…

Top 10 tips for running your first marathon

Top 10 tips for running your first marathon
Tony D - Marine Corps Marathon 2018

First of all, congratulations. You are considering running your first marathon. By the end of this article you will have gone from a “maybe” to a “definitely” . I know that’s a strong claim. The reason I know is because if you’re reading this, you’ve already done the hardest part. The hardest part of running a marathon is bringing yourself to the realization that it’s possible.

Enough intro, more go time…

  1. Fear is your friend: Face your fear and embrace it

Tony Davis

Tony Davis, is a Requirements Officer for HQMC. His side hustles are: writer, freelance digital artist, and owner of Commando Inc.

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